Step #2 – Sign Up for an Easy Payment Plan

Our low, low price of $75 per month is available with a 2-year contract. With a 1-year contract, the monthly fee is $100 per month.

In either case, the monthly fee drops to $50 per month after your contract period – what a savings!

If you need a domain name, we recommend that you secure one yourself from or another domain registry. If not, a domain name will be reserved for you for an additional $25 annually.

If you need additional pages, they will be billed at just $5 per page/per month with a 2-year contract (or $10 per page/per month with a 1-year contract)

However, for websites exceeding 12 pages, we have special unlimited page pricing plans – just ask for more details!

Early cancellation charges will apply with 1 and 2 year contracts.

CLICK HERE to sign up for our lowest price – $75 per month with a 2-year contract

CLICK HERE to sign up for shorter termĀ $100 per month with a 1-year contract


*Please note – you will be directed to our secure parent site at Red Penguin Web to complete your payment transaction.