Plans and Packages

Whether you have a website you love but it has been neglected and needs updates, or you need a fresh start, we can help! Perhaps one of these scenarios describes your situation:

Perhaps you have a website , but no one has the time or skills to keep it updated. For a low monthly fee – with plans beginning at just $49 per month –  we will take care of all of your website updates for you – just email, call, fax (or even put in an envelope with a stamp!) your updates and we will take care of them. Send us everything from flyers for upcoming events, weekly bulletins and sermons, monthly newsletters, calendar updates and photos and we will post it on your website. CLICK HERE to get started today.

Maybe you have a website, but have no access to make edits or changes to it. Give us a call – we can work with you and/or your former web provider to gain access to your website, and if that is impossible, rebuild/duplicate your website on a new server so that you will have full access moving forward. In most cases, we can retain the look and domain name of your original site too.

Or perhaps you would like a new website – either because you never had one, or it has been years since its development. If your website is over 3 years old, it isn’t taking advantage of newer mobile technology, so it may be time for a fresh start to make sure you are accessible to all devices,  as 50% of web visitors use cell phones, our websites are developed to be attractive and functional on all screen sizes. New websites can range from  $99 per month for 5 pages to $199 per month for unlimited pages, photos, users and more. And your new website can be up and running in no time! After the first year, the price drops to just $49 per month – what a deal!

CLICK HERE for a 5 page website for just $99 per month, dropping to $49 per month after 1 year

CLICK HERE for an unlimited page website for just $199 per month, dropping to $49 per month after 1 year